Today's families keep a pace as hectic as many businesses. Managing all those events is a daunting task — soccer practice, doctor visits, school holidays, music lessons, child care schedules, field trips — the list goes on!

CalendarStar for the Family
is a commercial quality service that makes organizing your family activites a snap. Our Internet-based calendar is affordable and easy to use. There's nothing to install, never an upgrade fee, and your satisfaction is comes with a money-back guarantee.
Sharing calendar information online makes sense. Any member of the family can view or add events, so everything stays up-to-the-minute. Your information is stored on our servers, using the same level of security that your bank uses for your checking and savings accounts. You have control over who can view or add information to your calendar.
  • Your Own Private Link — When you subscribe to CalendarStar, you'll have a direct link to your log-in screen.

  • User IDs — You grant authority to every person who accesses your family's calendar. Each user has a unique ID, so you'll keep complete control over who can see or edit your calendar.

  • Categories — Similar events may be easily grouped into categories, and color coded for easy identification.

  • Real-Time Updates — Events are instantly updated when you add them to your calendar.
  • Recurring Events — You can post recurring events with a single entry. CalendarStar is powerful and easy!

  • No Limits — When you subscribe to CalendarStar, there are no limits to the number of Users, Categories or Events you can create on your family's calendar.

  • Easy And Fun To Use — Forget about a steep learning curve! You'll be proficient in the basic functions of CalendarStar in about 30 minutes.
    If you ever need help, there's a link to the User Manual on every page.
To see CalendarStar for the Family in action, click the button below.
You'll see the "Live" calendar for the Trane Family. As you will see, they are a fairly large family, and pretty busy folks.
When your have explored the capabilities of this powerful application to your satisfaction, just click on the "homepage" link to bring you back to this page.
At Star-Tech, we're committed to supporting families with affordable life tools. CalendarStar for the Family is modestly priced at $10.00 per month, after a one-time $30.00 setup fee.
Note: To log in, the UserID is "demo" and the Password is "demo".
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